IDEEL’s dual-language program is designed so that students achieve academic proficiency in both English and Mandarin and become bilingual, bicultural and biliterate. In English, our curriculum inspires natural learning of the language by encouraging critical thinking, expression and creativity while ensuring sound foundational language skills such as phonics, fluency, and comprehension. Students leave our program able to comprehend and communicate relevant information in the English language in all academic subject areas. Why Content-Based Language Instruction?

A content-based approach to foreign language instruction ensures that students develop subject-area knowledge as well as language skills. In addition to enhancing their understanding of the world, subject-area knowledge is crucial to students’ ability to read unfamiliar texts. When students have sufficient subject-area knowledge, as well as knowledge of reading comprehension skills and strategies, they are able to apply that knowledge to comprehend new words, sentences, and passages. Our program teaches students how to transfer the subject-area knowledge and comprehension skills and strategies they have learned to new texts. This allows the students to read and comprehend novel texts, which in turn increases both their vocabulary and their subject-area knowledge.